Fission Cloud, Cloud-based and On Premise Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solution.

  • Would you like your application servers to be continuously available, but do not want to increase your capital expenditure in maintaining redundant servers?
  • Would you like to recovery of your servers and desktops to be faster and more reliable than they currently are?
  • Would you like to reduce the time your IT staff has to spend on taking and monitoring backups?

We Nifty Solutions are authorized partner for FISSION CLOUD. FISSION CLOUD is 9 year old, time-tested software, FISSION CLOUD, for Migration, Data Back up, Business continuity and Disaster Recovery. Having been installed in thousands of servers, desktops and Laptops, Fission Cloud has established firmly, as the software of choice, for many companies for their BC &DR needs.
We know for sure that no business today can afford a down-time and it is obvious that for a company like yours, this stands true as well. It helps for cloud migration, backup, business continuity and high availability of crucial business data.
You can rely on us for complete data backup, disaster recovery, business continuity and high availability, in your own cloud or in your premises itself !. Fission Cloud advanced virtualization technology ensures that the amount of time it takes to recover from a data loss event will be typically under 2 mins.

Time has come to upgrade one's company to Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery software for all data. Data that resides on the Servers, Desktops, and Laptops, are today the most valuable assets of your company. Any other assets can be got back or purchased, but the loss of data due to hard disk crash of the servers or desktops, will sound a death knell, if the same is not properly backed up and also if a proper system is not there to know if the same is being done effectively. Having the full back up of the data, is still half the success. The real challenge for any company will be to spring back to original working in least period of time, when the server or desktops/laptops crashes or when there is a fire or any other calamity like fire etc, in your workplace.

One single software:

Simply install Fission Cloud agent on your Server and go Live with the backup instantaneously. Your cloud based business continuity plan is now in place and it does not get easier than this. Each snapshot is bootable as a virtual machine on many supported hypervisors (VMware, Hyper-V, Virtual Box and Kvm).
To ensure that all the data that resides on your workstations & servers, are backed up regularly to Fission DR Server.
Backs up the data for as low as every 15 minutes interval (can be set from 15 minutes to 24 hours period).
This will happen with no load on bandwidth (since after first full backup, all other times it is only incremental).
Also the size of the backup is nearly 40 to 60% compressed than the original size leading to savings on backup hard disk space.
It is all menu driven with click of the button and can be accessed using the web user interface.


Any accidental deletion of files, folders, drives can be restored, even many days or weeks have elapsed.
Can also give bare metal restore feature to save time. This will not only restore full data but also the OS of the parent system. This is helpful in the event of full crash of hard disk or when Laptop is stolen.

Business Continuity

In case of Primary / Production server down, all users can work of fission cloud DR server after assigning production Server IP to Fission Cloud server within 10 minutes.
Once new production server hardware up with blank Harddisk then, last entered data along image from DR hardware can be restored with OS.
In built virtualization capability that helps bring up the backed server in both test mode and live mode when the mother server is down.

Email Reporting

It also continuously gives status report, even by daily e-mail, to help the IT person know the health of the back up operations.

Data Encryption

Protects the integrity of the backed up data with the help of 256 bit encrypted password.

Support Dissimilar Hardware

In case of Server data restoration, the data can be restored even to a dissimilar hard disk , obviating the need to store large quantity of immensely costly Server Hard disks as spares. in the even of the crash of any of the machines, will help to restore the same on a even a bare hard disks ( no need to load the Operating System and any other application softwares !.) For example if your original Server was Dell make and your company has moved to HP, no problem will be encountered while doing a bare metal restore of the data from Dell to HP !.

Multiple DR Support

Company can also chose our vaulting option to keep another copy of all your data, that is residing in the Fission Cloud back up machine to any other place outside of your company, including to any Cloud, so that in the event of fire, the data is still safe. Your company, can resume your full operation from any stand-by location using the fully backed up data on your Vaulted machines, until your premises is being restored.
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