Cloud Backup

BKP360 Connect-thenext generation cloud storage

Backup, Restore and Relax using BKP360 Connect

About BKP360 Connect

Rest assured with the technically most sophisticated solution.

BKP360 Connect is a potential disruptor in the cloud storage solution space. We thrive on providing the most economical and the most feature rich cloud backup software solution for SMEs, Mid-Sized companies and large enterprises across the globe.

The growth ofstructured and unstructured data is proliferating and doubling day by day creating a lot of pressure on the IT teams and CTO to look out for innovative and intelligentsolutions.

How it Works

Sign-up with BKP360

Customer enters its details and creates an account on BKP360 Connect.

Configure your account

Download the setup from your login and you are done. Customer or the support team create users, create backup policies, set privileges and deploy backup software and you are ready to start the backup.

Initiating automatic backup

BKP360 Connect initiates automatic backup from all devices. All the data is stored with AES 256 bit encryption based and military grade security.

Indexing & Analysis of the data

BKP360 automatically creates logical index of the data stored via its backup software forfast & intelligent discovery.

Discover / Restore and Relax

BKP360 Connect offers complete peace of mind by offering easy and no time discoverability of the data along with easy restoration of data from various versions. So now you can be worried about anything in business, but not about data backup and business continuity.

Network security

BKP360 Connect has developed and created multiple layers of protection and security for protection of our networks. We use industry standard network protection techniques, including advanced firewalls, we do regular network vulnerability scanning, we continually engage in network security monitoring and have deployed intrusion detection systems. We have dedicated IPs and segregation of test and production environments.

Why BKP360 Connect

Files Discovery

You can use intelligent indexes or media items. This is especially helpful in searching for video / audio and pictures.

Configure your account

BKP360 Connect uses 256 bit AES encryption to store your data on backup cloud servers. This means the highest level of data security protocols used even by military organizations. Your data is always stored in encrypted format to avoid any mis-use by any third party or hackers.

Incremental / automatic updates

BKP360 Connect uses an intelligent internal algorithm to detect the need to backup in every backup and you can take incremental backup every 30 minutes or as per your user defined backup policies. Data is saved in various versions which make life easier in case of any disaster recovery situation.

Data security via comprehensive audit trail

BKP360 Connect provides data security via comprehensive recording of each and every action in its logs and audit trails. You are able to see changes, time and source of action beyond just IP recording.

Incremental / automatic updates

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