Network Attached Storage


What is NAS?
NAS (Network Attached Storage) is an intelligent storage device connected to your home or office network. You can store all your family and colleagues’ files on the NAS, from important documents to precious photos, music and video collections. By using a web browser or mobile apps, you can access files and use various services provided by the NAS via the Internet.


Why Does Your Office Need One
Businesses with 50 or fewer employees need to store ever-increasing amount of data. They also require affordable solutions to back up data, share files, and collaborate on a single file at the same time. However, very few have the luxury of dedicated IT support.


What Can Synology NAS Do for Your Business
Next-gen file server
Traditional file-sharing practices are fraught with inefficiency. Some businesses use email attachments to share files and eventually face file size limit and version control issues. Synology NAS, as an on-premises centralized storage device, can fulfill the needs of modern file sharing and collaboration.

Centralized backup made easy for small businesses
  • Backing up data scattered across PCs, servers, and VMs is always challenging - remote offices and employees can make things even more complicated. Active Backup for Business makes backup easy through a unified, intuitive console without license fees. For PC backup, it supports bare-metal recovery to restore the OS, settings, applications, and data; your employees can have instant, self-service recovery without bothering IT admins.
Secure backup for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace
  • For small businesses relying heavily on Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, purchasing space for data archiving or auditing is expensive. We also suggest opting for a backup protection. That’s why you need Active Backup for Microsoft 365/Google Workspace, which allows you to easily back up email, contacts, Drive and calendar from My Drives or Team Drives on Google or Microsoft accounts to a Synology NAS, without worrying about accidental deletion, while achieving disaster recovery, satisfying data retention needs — without license fees.
Benefits of High Availability (HA) for small businesses
  • If you can’t tolerate outages such as server or storage failures, then you need a High Availability (HA) solution to ensure employee access to data and services at all times. Two Synology NAS can form a HA cluster. All services and data requests are handled by the active NAS and mirrored to the standby, passive NAS in real time. If the active NAS malfunctions, the passive unit will take over in seconds, meaning your employees can continue to access files and services.
Smart Surveillance
  • Video surveillance can deter criminals and improve employees’ accountability. With Surveillance Station, you'll get a wide array of security options to secure your investment and livelihood.
Streamlined deployment and real-time monitoring
  • Surveillance Station streamlines deployment and technical support by complementing VMS and NVR. The support of 6,000+ IP camera models allows for flexibility on camera selection. You can remotely access live and recorded footage via web browsers or mobile devices. By triggering different events and sending push notifications to your mobile devices, or via SMS and email, you will be kept notified if something is out of the ordinary.
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