SMTP Services for Bulk Email


SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is a communication protocol, or set of rules, used to send email from an email client or webmail provider to a recipient’s email server.
In short, SMTP sends email to its destination. You can think of it as a postal worker picking up mail from your home, finding the correct destination route, then delivering it to the recipient mailbox.


As mentioned, SMTP primarily refers to the set of rules that email servers use to transfer emails over the internet from one email server to another.
The protocol works like this:
The sender and recipient of the message are specified
A request is sent to both the sender and recipient to verify they exist
The message is transferred from the sender to the recipient

SMTP Services for Bulk Email :
  • SMTP service is open on multiple different secured ports (465 and 587), meaning no more 'port blocked' problems.
  • Given SMTP details (eg. Host Address, User name and Password) can be configure in any email client as well any bulk email software to send large quantity emails.
  • You can use your own domain OR email account/address for bulk email
  • You can purchase email quota as per your monthly requirement. No daily restrictions - each account has a high monthly quota, up to 200,000 emails per month.
  • Reliable and lightning-fast email delivery.
  • SMTP service that has been designed for small to medium-sized businesses to send large quantity marketing and news letters kind of emails
  • eg. Email will always be delivered using your email address / Domain at destination.
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