Web Hosting
Nifty Solutions, is a standard-setting leader providing managed hosting services for Email and Website.

Our full range of Web hosting products and services will offer your business exactly what it needs to achieve your online goals and objectives. No matter what your Web hosting needs are, Nifty Solutions, offers a hosting package to suit your business objectives. Our systems are much more powerful and complete than any of our competitors. Our experience and reputition together with fast processors, lots of memory and storage space, plus high bandwidth allowance and excellent support is what sets us apart from our competition.

Virtual Hosting :
Nifty offers virtual Web hosting, delivering high performance web hosting that ensures that your site is never overloaded, is available (up time) and your Internet application issues are quickly resolved.

Nifty Solutions makes it easy to move onto the Internet with simple solutions and a start to your mission critical web presence, we have already provided services to thousands of big and small best known names in business. We can do the same for you.

Your online presence is an integral part of your business and Nifty Solutions understands your needs. Our business packages are built on a strong technology foundation and world-class equipment, and your presence is protected with secure servers, complete redundancy, weekly backups, and uninterrupted operations with a 99.9%+ availability.

Nifty Solutions, virtual server technology has set the standard for hosting. This affordable solution provides an affordable alternative to dedicated Web hosting. Full telnet access, complete customization and configurability, and the ability to host multiple web sites on one account make this the most powerful shared Web hosting solution available today

Our cutting-edge NT offerings offer support of Visual Interdev, MS SQL, FrontPage 2000, and other Microsoft Web development tools.

Windows 2000 includes Internet Information Services 5.0 (IIS 5.0). IIS 5.0 is a powerful, yet economical and easy-to-use Web server.

Our cost-saving but powerful LINUX offerings offer support for MYSQL, Servlets, JSP and other webdevelopment tools.

HighLighted Features:
You will be able to create unlimited POP3 Account/Email account say. username@yourdomainname.com and each POP3 account will have his own password.
We shall provides complete web based Control Panel, so you as an administrator will be able to Create New email account, Modify accounts, Delete accounts on the server with the full security and confidentiality. Even as an administrator, using admin control panel, Customer can change the password of administrator for 100% email security.
Our server provides SMTP Services, so you do not need to depend on ISP's SMTP server. If you change your ISP then also you do not need to do any kind of change in Mail server OR in the any email client (Say. Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook etc)
Our server provides Web Based Mailing support, So user can access their mails from anywhere in the world by using internet, without configuring Email ID in any Email Client like Outlook Express. (Useful for the Traveling Persons)
Features of Server
Mail Manage unlimited email accounts (add, remove, change password)
  Webmail for all accounts
  Custom mail filtering
  Unlimited Forwarders
  Mailing lists (mailman)
  Ability to modify an MX entry
  Spam filtering (SpamAssassin)
Stats Webalizer web stats
  Webalizer FTP stats
  Analog stats
  View latest visitors
  View bandwidth usage
  View error log
  Download raw log file
FTP Manage FTP accounts (add, remove, change password)
  Anonymous FTP controls
  Ability to change FTP login message
  Ability to kill FTP sessions
Site Tools Web Protect (.htaccess editor)
  Ability to change site password
  Custom error pages
  Ability to edit MIME types
Subdomains Ability to add/remove subdomains
  Subdomain redirects
  Stats for subdomains
  Ability to add/remove subdomains
Pre-Installed CGI Scripts Interchange Cart
  Agora Cart
  Bulletin Board
  Java Chat
  HTML Chat
  CGI Wrapper (for non-suexec installs)
  Random HTML generator
  Advanced Guestbook
  Counter Generator
  Java Clock Generator
  Java Countdown Generator
  Secure FormMail clone
Network Tools DNS lookup
Database Management Manage MySQL databases
  phpMyAdmin access
WHM Features Basic skinable User Interface
  Ability to change MySQL root password
  Remote access keys
  Interactive knowledge base
  Quick access to Apache status
  Ability to limit users disk space, bandwidth, POP accounts, FTP accounts, shell access, SQL databases, lists and subdomains
  Account upgrades/downgrades
  Suspension of accounts
  Email all users
  Change users' passwords
  Demo mode
  Custom suspension pages
  Ability to copy accounts from other servers, including: cPanel, WebPanel, Plesk, CiHost/Spectro, Ensim, Alabanza
  Built in cPanel/WHM Theme Manager
  Access to addon cPanel themes
  Domain parking/pointing
  Add a DNS zone
  DNS Zone Editor with syntax checker
  Ability to Host DNS on a remote machine
  Domain forwarding
  Reset the MySQL root password
  Repair a database
  Change a database user's password
  Manage IP addresses (add/remove)
  Install Perl modules
  Mail troubleshooter
  Change the SSL certificate cPanel/WHM uses
  Generate a new SSL certificate
  Install an SSL certificate
Client Speak
Instant Touch Base