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Our experienced web designers provide leading web design services.

Your website is a reflection of your business.

Nifty Solutions is a professional web-design and web-development company in India.
In order to successfully compete your website design needs to be a showcase for your business, not a last minute add on that has been thrown together by a supposed “web design company”.

Just like any other area of your business, whether it is the packaging for your product, the sales rep. in your shop or the reception area at your office your website design is another expression of your business to your prospective and existing customers.

we understand the fact that every business owner has his typical way of presenting service, products, concepts and ideas to his prospective clients. So when we develop the website, we start with the initial effort to understand and assess our client’s specific need, requirement, preference and approach. With our proven ‘Client Interaction Process’ once when we understand what exactly our client demands from us, then only we start with the web design process.

Right from the elementary process of taking inputs from the clients, scheduling and setting up the plan based on such inputs to implementation, testing and final beta release – all we do, using the latest web designing skills and technology.

Our main web-designing are as under...
Static Web-Designing
Nifty Solutionsis a decade old Web Design Company India having a sound track record in the sphere of Static Web Designing and Web Development. We consistently meet & exceed expectations of people who seek flawless services for Web Design India. Our experts are holding unrivalled expertise, enabling us to render Professional Web Design services for the creation of professionally designed static website.
Content Management Systems (CMS)
CMS is the acronym for Content Management System. CMS is basically an easy process, typically used in managing the content of each and every pages of a web site within just few clicks. Strategically used in facilitating the organization, publication and control of a large body of documents and other content, CMS as a typical web application process allows you to edit, create, manage and publish content to the website regardless of your naivety of the technical knowledge of HTML. CMS also helps in the collaborative creation of documents. The main objective of CMS web application process is to create an environment by which a Website News Group can create and manage, distribute and publish, and even discover the shared corporate information. Using CMS can be to manage whole website site or particular part of website. If customer needs to change News and Event very frequently then they can go for CMS module only of New and Events. Using this module, customer can add/modify/delete any news with subject, description, attachment using admin panel of CMS module. Even news can be “enable” or “disable” also as per requirement from admin panel of CMS module.

Our website design services comprise some of the crucial creative steps:

Each project requires an unique set of ideas and collective expertise. The following step web development process guarantees that we deliver the highest quality results every time.

  • We listen to our customers and allow them to provide all kind of inputs.
    Our research team them prepares a questionnaire for the client to get his input on the basic requirements.
    Based on the client’s input we design the website while keeping in mind target audience, market and overall uses of the site.
    We develop three or more mock ups and send all these to the specific client for their valued feedback.
    After the client approves the design, we further fine tune it and make it search engine friendly.
    After the final implementation we send the design for approval from the client.
    After the design is approved we implement the final design on the client’s server.
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