Corporate Mail Hosting
Businesses rely heavily on email for central business processes like customer transactions, vendor relationships, and internal communications. Our industry-leading 100% email uptime guarantee is a reflection of both our understanding of email's central importance to many businesses and a reflection of the high availability email system engineered by our experts. Being a hosting company that transacts online all the time, we understand exactly how critical online communication is that your email is your business and that needs to work round the clock without exception.

Our mail service eliminates the need for businesses to manage their email in-house. When you outsource your email service to Nifty, your emails are processed through secure and reliable load-balanced servers housed in datacenters throughout the United States .

In addition to having a load balanced setup, our email setup is also backed by a triple redundancy backup system. At any point should any of your users accidentally delete an email or even an entire folder, it can easily be restored by our support team. Backups are retained for two weeks so mails deleted within 13 days can be completely restored.

In addition to ensuring the reliability of the system and delivery of your email, we go to great lengths to filter spam and protect your inbox from viruses . We provide you with anytime-anywhere access through webmail clients and wireless devices. Simply put, we give you an efficient, "No Hardware, No Software" approach to managing company-wide email systems.
In addition to anytime, anywhere access to your email through webmail, you'll be able to use your favorite desktop clients like Windows Mail, Microsoft Outlook and Thunderbird and most wireless devices like Blackberry, Sidekick, Treo and Windows Mobile phones.


Webmail allows you to access your email from any web browser, like Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, without needing to install any email software on your computer.


Webmail includes built-in Search, providing webmail users with the ability to find email messages as quickly as they can search for them.

Shared Calendaring

Shared calendaring will allow you to track all of your meetings, view other calendars, and share your calendar with others from within webmail.

Company Directory

The company directory is populated with contact information from within the control panel and can be accessed by all employees via webmail's contact manager.


The feed manager allows you to subscribe to blogs and other RSS feeds from within webmail. Feeds are also accessible via desktop email software and wireless devices.


The contact manager allows you to store address book information for an unlimited number of contacts and groups—all information is accessible from within webmail.

Task Lists

Task lists will allow you to create multiple task lists, quickly add tasks from anywhere in webmail, and sort tasks by complete or incomplete.

Control Panel

The control panel allows email administrators to manage their account settings, create, modify, and delete mailboxes, setup aliases, and much more.


These are standard protocols that allow you to use your favorite desktop software like Outlook and Thunderbird and wireless devices such as Blackberry and Treo.

Spam Filtering

Our Spam DNA Filtering® system protects you from spam and allows administrators and users to blacklist and safe list senders, and control the filtering sensitivity.

Virus Scanning

Our dual-scanning virus protection incorporates two separate anti-virus scanners for maximum protection from computer viruses and security threats.

99.99% Uptime

We strive for 100% uptime for all email hosting services and we offer a very competitive 99.99% uptime.

50MB Attachments

Incoming and outgoing message size limits are set to 70 MB. This allows a 50 MB file to be attached because MIME encoding adds 33% to size.

SSL and TLS Encryption

We provide SSL encryption for POP/IMAP/SMTP/Webmail in order to encrypt your data so that others cannot view it. This is very important for passwords and confidential emails.

Unlimited Email Aliases

You can create as many email aliases as needed, each of which can forward to a total of 50 email accounts. Up to four of those recipients can be sent to external email accounts.

Domain Aliases

You can create up to 50 domain aliases. When an email is sent to a domain alias, the email is automatically directed to the corresponding email account in the original domain.

Checking External Mail

Users are able to set up third party email accounts within the webmail interface. This allows users to check email from multiple accounts from a single webmail interface.

BCC Archiving
Take control of your business today! Do you know about every email that is sent out from your domain? You can easily achieve this with BCC archiving. Bcc Archiving is a feature that allows you to archive (receive a copy of) incoming and outgoing email on another specified mailbox.  The service silently and automatically does this for every single mail sent or received through your (hosted) mail server and an unseen copy is securely delivered to an alternate monitoring email address. This can be done for the entire domain or on a per mailbox basis. BCC archiving is normally done for the following reasons:
Monitoring mails sent and received by members of your team or staff by a supervisor.
Monitoring mails of employees.
As a means of backup to an additional email address.
 For audit reasons
This service is available on our eBizMail platform as well as Linux Hosting On eBizmail, the BCC mailbox must also be hosted on eBizmail while on Linux this can optionally also be an external address. However on-server email addresses are recommended for the BCC mail delivery. This could then either be stored on the server in the selected mailbox or downloaded to your local system for a permanent archive.
True Archiving
As your organization grows, so does the volume of email which requires constantly growing storage and data management with constantly escalating storage, infrastructure and IT tech costs. Not any more.

The true archiving service is the professional recommended solution for permanently archiving all mails ever sent and received from any email address of your organization. 
No hardware required
No software required
Quick deployment
Infinite Email Storage
Quick Email retrieval
Cloud based archiving

The archive will permanently backup and store all email data for all addresses indefinitely on an unlimited hosted archive. There is no limit in the disk space that may be used by your archive for as long as your email service is hosted with us.  The service also comes with a web based interface to access, manage, search and even export to PST from the archive.

The true archive also gives complete peace of mind as it serves as a permanent backup for all email addresses on your domain in a single online easy to search web repository. Recover from crashes or disasters of any nature and never lose your email data and save costs on per mailbox storage as your mails would be stored in the archive and can be removed from the mailboxes at any time. Delete mails with confidence! Each user can individually be assigned access to their own archives to be able to quickly see or retrieve any mail sent or received at any time. Additional administrative priviledges can be assigned to search users, supervisors,  IT administrators or company heads to have access to defined or complete resources as per company policy.

The true archive service also employs top notch security standards. In trasit, the email is encripted by SSL and once in the archive it is encrypted using AES-256 standards which is also used by the U.S. Department of Defense.

True archiving is exclusively available only on the eBizmail platform. 

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