Safetica is established in 2007. Safetica is One of the leading company providing solutions against data leaks and internal threats, Safetica has 1200+ partners in 80+ countries. We are GOLD partner of Safetica in India.

Data channels covered

Safetica keeps data protected across a multitude of channels and platforms, ensuring your data is secure wherever it resides or flows.

Recognized by the most influential analysts


Integrated DLP Provider, Gartner's Competitive Landscape: Data Loss Prevention Market.


afetica is a Top player in DLP Market Quadrant 2019?2023.


Safetica DLP has been included in Forrester's Now Tech: Data Loss Prevention, Q1 2019 report.


Safetica featured in quadrant DLP report in 2021.


Email and network protection

Data protection for email, web upload, instant messaging and network shares

Devices and print protection

Manage data-flow to external devices and protect sensitive data from being printed on local, network or virtual printers

Remote work protection

Avoid data leaks on remote endpoints or remote desktop connections. Support a wide range of remote access solutions

Advanced data classification

Use advanced technologies to detect and mark sensitive data based on origin, workflow context or file type. Take advantage of metadata detection to use 3rd party classifications. Allow users to classify files themselves.

Different remediation policies

React flexibly to detected incidents so you can empower and educate your employees. Incidents can be logged, blocked or justified / blocked with override

Incident Shadow Copy

Keep forensic evidence of incidents by creating shadow copies of leaking data. Shadow copies are fully encrypted and can be kept on local computers with a retention policy

Workspace control

Define your secured workspace and reduce your perimeter with application and website control. Avoid undesirable behavior in your company and reduce the cost of security management

Safetica Zones

Easy management of your safe data perimeter using unique Safetica Zones, which significantly reduce the number of data protection policies.

BitLocker encryption management

Centralized management of local drives and external devices with BitLocker encryption

Endpoint cloud sync protection

Data protection for cloud drives on endpoints, e.g. OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, etc

Endpoint Office 365 protection

Data protection for Office 365 and SharePoint from endpoints. Prevent sharing or uploading data you want to keep away from the cloud.
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