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BrowseControl – Internet Restriction & Internet Activity Control Solution

As the Internet permeates the workplace or schools, it introduces a range of problems along with the many benefits. Unproductive or personal browsing by employees or students, the threat of downloading and infecting the enterprise network with viruses and bandwidth hogging are just a few of the endless challenges.

BrowseControl is an easy to use Internet management program that restricts inappropriate surfing and enforces Internet usage policies across your enterprise. BrowseControl can completely block the Internet, allow access to authorized web sites, block offensive sites, schedule access to the Internet during specific times of the day or week – all conveniently from a central console.

In addition to restricting Internet activity BrowseControl includes an Application Blocker, which restricts users from running unauthorized programs such as games, messaging programs, P2P applications and etc.

BrowseControl is a simple solution to a serious problem. Remarkably easy to install and configure.

Block Internet Access
An easy to use software solution, BrowseControl enables you to decide where and when students or employees can access the Internet. From the Console, you can enable and disable Internet access instantly. BrowseControl controls Internet access by workstation or by user.
Block Programs and Chat
Increase the productivity of your employees or students by blocking them from running any games (solitaire, hearts, freecell and more), chat programs (AIM, Yahoo, MSN, Google Talk, Gmail, MySpace IM, Facebook Chat) and other disruptive software on your network.
Allowed and Blocked list
Filter Internet access to company or school specific sites only. Through the Allowed List, users have access to authorized sites only, while browsing of other sites is totally denied. Or, you can allow your users to browse the Internet except for the websites listed under the Blocked List.
Block Personal Emails
Web email can be an easy source of malicious attachments that can compromise the network’s security. Block users from accessing their personal email through gmail, yahoo mail, hotmail and etc, to ensure that no security threats are bypassed, and in turn increase employee productivity.
Block Downloads / Port Control
Protect your network from threats of unsolicited files by blocking the downloads of different file types including video, audio and executable files. Port Filtering provides an additional security of blocking downloads from specific ports, such as FTP, torrents and telnet.
Offsite Internet Access Control
Ensure that your organization’s Internet permission policies are enforced on offsite systems as well. Internet and program restrictions and any other BrowseControl settings can be configured to extend to laptops or workstations used by offsite or mobile users.
Scheduler Enhanced
To permit your users, Internet access at lunch time or outside work hours, assign a schedule to the specific group of users/computers. At the allocated scheduled time, permit full Internet access or allowed partial access to non-work related sites that are pre-selected by the administrator or manager.
Terminal Server Compatibility
BrowseControl now supports a Terminal Server environment. Internet access of thin clients can be administered by installing the new CurrentWare Server/Console and the CurrentWare Client on the Terminal Server.
We help businesses improve productivity
Improve employee and student productivity by totally blocking or filtering their web access.
Through the App Blocker, eliminate unnecessary use of “time-wasting” applications such as instant messaging programs, games and other irrelevant software.
Allow or block Internet access on an ad hoc basis through the Timer.
Through the Scheduler enable Internet access at specific times, eg during lunch time or after work hours.
Prevent the threat of infecting the network with suspicious software or viruses, by blocking access to specific ports or by restricting the downloading of specific files.
Prevent the download of specific file types (audio, video, executable files) to reduce the chance of malicious infection on your network.
Deploy and manage all policies from a central console. Or install multiple consoles across the enterprise to allow individual managers and teachers to control the policies of their respective employees and students.
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