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QLC or QuantumLink Communications is manufacturer of “PostMaster”. PostMaster is one of the leading brand in India as Email Server / Email Distributor Software since last 1996. More then 7500+ companies are using. It is one of the leading brand in India. We Nifty Solutions are distributor of partner and leading since 2001. Features and Benefit of PostMasterPostMaster, available in Express and Enterprise versions, has been designed to help you to implement productive and efficient email. PostMaster is NOT only an email distribution software, but it a productivity suite with plug in like Gateway Antivirus, Gateway Antispam, Email backup and restore module, proxy, Mobile Sync, MIS for web reporting and many more…
Basic Features
Internet is require only on one computer to provide email facility on all LAN connected
No dedicated computer is require
Provide email IDs to all employees user wise as well department wise eg. rajesh@ OR marketing@
All email user can do internal and external email from their own computer using Outlook/MS outlook without having any internet connectivity on computer.
Internal email facility will reduce the internet usage with instant email delivery
“Mail archiving” feature will allow management to have copy of all incoming and outgoing email of all users or specific user for security Purpose, without their knowledge.
“Local forwarding” feature, allow Senior/ HOD’s to get one copy of junior user’s incoming and outgoing email by default.
“scheduler” features which connect to hosting server using internet as per pre defined scheduler eg. every 10 minutes and do send and received of email on behalf of all users. NO manual intervention is require.
Using “Webmail” feature user can check / compose and manager their emails from any where on LAN any browser like Internet explorer, Firefox etc  without configuring in outlook.
“Remote forwarding” features will forward all downloaded company email to any other internet email id eg. Yahoo, hotmail, Gmail etc. So roaming/traveler user can check their email when they are travelling.
“size restriction” feature wont allow user to send large size important email without management permission.
Using “mail access rights” feature user can be given specific rights – eg. Rights to send and/or receive Internet mails, rights to send and/or receive only local mail. Company can also restrict the size for each user for send / receive emails.
Postmaster can work with any email client like Outlook Express, MS Outlook etc. So
Organisation does not need to give any extra training to their staff.  
Advance Features
PostMaster support mulitple domain. So even if company has multiple domain (eg., all can be configured in single PostMaster Enterprise and can be make with respective users.
It support all major protocol of Email and proxy
It support Sender authentication, means only authorized use can send email using postmaster.
Robot feature will allow to make flexible global and user lever rules at PostMaster server level itself for batter control and inkling and outgoing mail traffic.  
Mail Moderation feature will not allow any junior email’s to go outside un till it is sanction and authorized by Senior / HOD
Global Address Book feature will allow to share common email database to all user which adding individually.
Scheduled Config Backup will backup configuration to pre define location at every pre define time, so in case of disaster it can be setup on any pc and restore configuration in minutes and reduce downtime.
“Mail Filters” will restrict to send and/or receive email predefine email address or domain. 
“Email Alias Accounts” will to make a group and manage mailing properly. 

Productive Email = PostMaster.

PostMaster Express Mail AntiVirus

PostMaster Express Mail AntiSpam

PostMaster Express Mail WebProxy

PostMaster Enterprise MobiSync

PostMaster Enterprise MailList

PostMaster Enterprise Web-Proxy

Advanced User Management of PM Enterprise

PostMaster Enterprise SyncBooks

PostMaster Enterprise Calendar

PostMaster Enterprise Server Expansion

PostMaster Enterprise Mail AntiVirus

PostMaster Enterprise Archive Management

PostMaster Enterprise MIS

PostMaster Enterprise Workflow Management

PostMaster Enterprise Mail AntiSpam

PostMaster Enterprise Gateway

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