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About StaffCop - activity monitoring software & network performance monitoring. Remote traffic monitoring tool, employee monitoring
software & spying program

StaffCop allows you to monitor all activities on company computers and prevent the unauthorized distribution of sensitive corporate information.
Corporate information security has always been a top business priority. There is a growing need for solutions that provide the functionality to analyze employee activities during business hours, and protect the company's confidential information.
StaffCop software allows you to effectively prevent, detect, respond, monitor and review measures to reduce perceived risks of corporate data loss. IT professionals who use StaffCop can adequately monitor company resources for data breaches or prevent these breaches from occurring.
Staffcop is manufactured by Atompark Software. Established in 2001, AtomPark Software Inc. is an International security software company and Microsoft Certified Partner.
Currently AtomPark employs over 30 certified IT professionals in the areas of information security and software development. Our solutions are designed in accordance with the best practices of the industry benefiting organizations of any size. The products of AtomPark Software help businesses improve productivity and provide better customer service to their clients. Our mission is to be recognized as the leader in providing data secutity solutions across the enterprise.
Headquartered in St.Petersburg, Russia, AtomPark Software has regional offices in the United States, Australia, Ukraine, Spain and Latvia with reseller partners and distributors Worldwide.

Screenshot recording

StaffCop software allows you to run surveillance of the company network by taking periodic snapshots of computer screens. You can access computer desktops remotely in real time, and view screenshots from different time intervals. When it's time to generate reports, the Report Wizard will download all screenshots to the admin's computer.

Application Monitoring

Email Correspondence Monitoring

Website Monitoring

Chats/IM activity monitoring

USB Device Monitoring

Clipboard monitoring

Social Network Monitoring

Search Term Tracking

File and Folder Tracking

Keystroke recording

System Event Monitoring

PC Activities Reporting

Stealth Mode Installation and Monitoring

Strong Security

Alert Notifications

Remote Install / Uninstall

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