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Security Curator is a software product designed to provide information security for your company, including monitoring and control of personnel to improve business efficiency.

The software allows you to:

Detect and prevent possible information leakage.
Find out the most time-consuming computer processes run by each and every staff member.
Block access to prohibited websites and files.
Improve the efficiency of individual departments as well as the company in general.

Security Curator is manufactured by Atompark Software. Established in 2001, AtomPark Software Inc. is an International security software company and Microsoft Certified Partner.
Currently AtomPark employs over 30 certified IT professionals in the areas of information security and software development. Our solutions are designed in accordance with the best practices of the industry benefiting organizations of any size. The products of AtomPark Software help businesses improve productivity and provide better customer service to their clients. Our mission is to be recognized as the leader in providing data secutity solutions across the enterprise.

Headquartered in St.Petersburg, Russia, AtomPark Software has regional offices in the United States, Australia, Ukraine, Spain and Latvia with reseller partners and distributors Worldwide.

Security Curator - The software is designed to provide security to corporate information and DLP, as well as monitor and control personnel in order to improve efficiency.


The system provides highly efficient staff monitoring solutions. The following actions of employee PCs can be tracked, monitored and analyzed:

Desktop monitoring with the saving of screenshots at a given time interval

E-mail correspondence

Correspondence in ICQ / MSN, Skype, etc.

Running processes

Installation/de-installation of programs, as well as startup and shutdown

Sites visited


The system logs almost all employee computer activity:

Keystroke recording

Screenshot recording

Backup of files from USB-devices and e-mail attachments


With Security Curator, you can keep your company's information under control. The start of any action may be denied or revoked, including:

Block of processes and actions (launching of applications, sites opening, ban of certain file operations)

Security policy violation notification

Monitoring and blocking network connections (by port or IP address)

Statistics and reporting

Review and analysis of statistical data is simplified through a record system. The system allows you to see applications accessed by employees and how much time they spend at work on the computer, both in absolute terms and percentages.

Detailed statistical reports track the launch and closure of programs

The ability to search data by keyword and filter

The option to group agent monitoring

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