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Bulk Email Sender Software:
With Atomic Mail Sender you can create and send unlimited emails to any number of recipients.
Atomic Mail Sender is a professional high-performance mass email software for your email marketing campaigns.
Atomic Mail Sender has the following features:
Unlimited number of email addresses in your mailing list
Unlimited frequency of emails
Send personalized emails to all your recipients with a push of a button. If you use tokens in the body of your email our bulk email sender will replace them with the recipient's name, city, website address or whatever information is associated with the recipient.
Direct send feature available
Flexible work with SMTP servers. Use any SMTP server you have access to. If you do not have SMTP server then we also provide SMTP server/services. Click to know more about SMTP server/services.
Supports proxies, proxy rotation, custom DNS, custom headers
Set the limit of emails to one domain to avoid backlisting
Import mailing lists from clipboard, text files, csv files, Excel, Word, Access and more file formats. Our group mailer can import emails from your Outlook address book or use mailing lists generated by our Email Extractor or any other email harvester.
Built-in tools for managing your mailing list
The application has basic tools for managing your mailing list - adding and deleting email addresses, removing those who unsubscribed, adding new fields for personalization, editing, copying and deleting them. If you need more list management features consider Atomic List Manager.
Built-in SMTP server
Ability to bypass the SMTP server and send directly to the destination. This is only available if your ISP does not block direct sending
SSL/TLS authentication support
The application supports virtually all SMTP servers because it supports all available authentication methods.
HTML and Plain text format support
Atomic Mail Sender fully supports both email formats – plain text and HTML. When using the latter you can use various fonts, tables, pasted images and hyperlinks. You can attach files on any types in both cases.
Unlimited email list
There is no limit for the number of newsletter recipients. You can use unlimited number of fields for personalization, that is using name and other personal data in your emails.
Mail list import
Atomic Mail Sender can import email lists from the following sources:

Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Access
Microsoft Word
DBF databases
CSV files
Text files
Windows clipboard
All Atomic Programs
Complete integration with other Atomic products
Atomic Mail Sender lets you use the mailing lists prepared in other Atomic programs for extracting and managing email addresses. Email extraction programs can quickly export emails into Atomic Mail Sender without saving them into files first.
Email Tracking
You can have detailed stats on each marketing campaign – who reads your newsletters, what clicks they click oftenest, CTR, various charts and much more. This is an additional service called Atomic Email Tracker. Integration takes literally a few seconds for entering your login and password.
Click for more details of Automic Email Server. Click on download Atomic Email Sender Software.
Atomic Email Tracker - Tracks who reads your email and clicks links

Atomic Email Tracker is a web based newsletter monitoring service to measure, track and compare the effectiveness of your email campaigns. Monitor who, from what country and when opens your email, clicks links or loads images. No specific technical knowledge or additional efforts are required.
Once you are registered with the Email Tracker service and the campaign name is created in Atomic Mail Sende (Service -> Newsletter Tracking menu), our system automatically add a piece of tag to the email context that requests a tiny, invisible image frorm our web servers. So when a recipient opens the email, the image is downloaded, and we can record that download and that reader real data such as first name, last name, email address, country, email campaign etc.
Atomic Email Tracker gathers and keeps the following statistics:

General summary for all email campaigns
Campaigns stats for the last 10 days
Recipient's activity (emails opened, links clicked by every recipient etc.)
Compare 2 campaigns efficiency
The efficiency by campaign ID, by country, by hour, by day, by month
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Email Extractor

Atomic Email Hunter is a very flexible online email extractor designed to harvest email addresses and user names from the web sites you define. The email harvester is easy to use. In most cases all that is needed to get results is to enter a valid URL or type several keywords in the search bar. Click the "Watch Demo" button on the right to see the email extractor in action.
With our email extractor collecting email addresses is as easy as using the Internet search engines. Type in your target keywords and Email Hunter will find the top ranked pages directly from Google (or other search engines you choose) and then will search those pages for emails. Our keyword search is a unique and useful feature that does not exist in most other popular email extractors.
Our email extractor can harvest more targeted email addresses when you search through one or several websites focused on one niche. Email Hunter provides a variety of filters for scanning web pages, for example you can set it to include only pages that contain certain words like "contact", "about us", "feedback", etc. You can limit the scanning depth and paths.
Atomic Email Hunter is a very fast email extractor that supports multi-threaded spidering. The email collector requires very little machine resources and can run quietly in the background on any PC connected to the Internet.
Atomic Email Hunter does not depend on any additional software unlike many other email extractors and our email harvester can work through proxy servers.

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