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BitDefender ® is the creator of one of the industry's fastest and most effective lines of internationally certified security software.
The BitDefender® proprietary technologies, based on innovative ideas and trends in the information security industry, have been internationally avowed by authorized organizations, which rewarded their outstanding results by numerous prizes and certifications (, Virus Bulletin, ICSA lab, Checkmark, IST Prize etc).

BitDefender is getting sold more then 180 countries worldwide since 1990. It provides complete solution of virus for Standalone Computer, Large Network, File Servers and Mail server like MS Exchange, Send Mail, Postfix, Qmail etc. One point complete solution of Virus, Adware and Spyware, Spam Email, Phishing, Firewall, Website blocking etc. Daily automatic incremental update and upgrades.

BitDefender is an award winning software. To get all received awards by bitdefender click here.

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