Extend your data protection

Iperius Backup

The complete and flexible backup software for Windows

The most comprehensive and versatile backup software. Backup for PCs, Servers, Virtual Machines, Databases, Mail Servers, and Microsoft 365.

Any Destination: Cloud, S3, NAS, FTPS, Google Drive and many others.

All-in-One. Perpetual License.

Drive Image, P2V, Hard Disk cloning

• Create a full disk image and restore Windows with just a few clicks
• Hard disk cloning
• Recovery disk creation with pre-installed drivers
• Restore of individual files
• Restore to dissimilar hardware
• P2V: physical to virtual
• VHD and VHDX compatible formats
• Bare-metal restore
• Instant boot on Hyper-V

ESXi and Hyper-V Backup and Replication

• Incremental and Differential Backup ESXi / ESXi Free (CBT)
• Incremental replication host to host, also of ESXi Free
• It supports vCenter and ESXi Cluster
• Hyper-V Incremental and Differential Backup (RCT)
• Hyper-V backup from the network
• Backup of used space only (thin provisioning)
• Restore of individual files
• Unlimited Hosts and VMs

Cloud Backup, S3 Backup, FTP Backup

• Amazon S3
• Wasabi
• Any compatible S3 storage
• Google Drive
• Dropbox
• One Drive / OneDrive for Business
• Azure Storage
• Backblaze
• Aruba Cloud
• IBM Cloud
• Any FTP(S) or SFTP server
• Iperius Storage S3 / FTPS

Backup of SQL Server, SQL Express, MySQL databases

• Microsoft SQL Server
• SQL Server Express
• MariaDB
• PostgreSQL
• Oracle
• Any VSS-Aware database (hot backup)
• Unlimited databases and servers

Backup for Microsoft Office 365, Exchange, OneDrive

• Incremental backup (download) of OneDrive (Office 365) and Exchange Online
• Incremental backup of Exchange On-Premise/Online (Office 365)
• Backup to .PST or .EML files
• Granular restore of individual mailboxes
• Image backup with log truncation
• Unlimited mailboxes, OneDrive accounts, and Microsoft 365 organizations

Iperius Console for centralized management and MSPs

• Centralized management
• Check the status and errors of backups
• Hardware resource control (CPU, RAM, Disks)
• Controllo Antivirus e Firewall
• Remote desktop connection with Iperius Remote
• Remote backup scheduling and execution
• Management of users and permissions
• 2nd and 3rd line of Mota Data product

Database Backup

SQL Server, SQL Express, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Oracle

The complete and powerful database backup software.
Backup to NAS, FTP, Cloud. Compression and AES encryption. No interruption.

Backup of all Databases

Protect databases of websites and applications automatically

  • Live backup, without any interruption or database lock
  • Backup schedule based on days and times
  • Restore over an existing database or creating a new database
  • Integrated compression
  • AES 256 bit encryption
  • Multiple accounts and parallel backups of multiple databases
  • Custom backup file names
  • Possibility to keep multiple copies of the backup of each database
  • Backup verification
  • Standard format for backup files
  • Iperius Console to monitor and manage the backups remotely


Iperius Backup is the most complete and powerful software to make backups of all the major databases, at the lowest cost available today.

With a single software and a single installation you can make backups of unlimited servers and databases: Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL and MariaDB.

Iperius is compatible with all editions of these databases, including Express/free editions.

SQL Server backup
Oracle backup
Backup of MySQL and Maria DB

Main Features

  • Backup of any database
  • SQL Server, SQL Express, SQL Server vNext, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB
  • Hot backup without any interruption
  • It also includes Drive Imaging and backup to NAS, RDX, FTP, Cloud
  • Backup to Dropbox, Amazon S3, Azure Storage, OneDrive, Google Drive
  • One license, perpetual, for unlimited servers and databases
  • The best database backup software in the price-performance ratio

Complete Solution

One software, cheap & reliable

Iperius is a cheap and powerful solution to back up any type of database. Iperius can make hot backups of any database file. You can create backup and restore strategies in a simple and automated way.

Flexibility and special features

Iperius is a stable and very lightweight software, with an high number of options. At incomparable price, you also get features such as NAS backup, disk imaging, remote backup to Cloud and FTP.

Virtual Machine Backup for

VMware ESXi, vCenter, ESXi Free - Microsoft Hyper-V

Incremental backup (CBT) of ESXi Free. Incremental Replication also for ESXi Free.
Incremental and differential backup (RCT) of Hyper-V. Restore of individual files


The complete solution to protect your virtual machines, with an unbeatable quality-price ratio.

One single license for unlimited hosts and virtual machines

Iperius Backup is a complete, affordable and easy to use backup software for Hyper-V / ESXi and vSphere Hypervisor (ESXi Free). It can perform hot backups of VMware virtual machines, copying them across the network, to NAS or Tape devices, in a fully automatic way.

Iperius is the only software that can do Incremental Replication of virtual machines on ESXI Free hosts (both as a source and as a destination).

Main Features

  • Hot backup of ESXi, ESXi Free, vCenter
  • Hot backup of Hyper-V, also from a different machine
  • VM Replication from host to host and from datastore to datastore
  • Incremental replication also on ESXi Free
  • Compatible with vSphere ESXi Cluster
  • Incremental and differential ESXi backup (CBT/VDDK)
  • Backup to disk, network, Cloud, NAS and LTO Tape
  • Restore of ESXi and Hyper-V virtual machines also to different hosts
  • Restore of individual files
  • Totally agentless - Backup from the network
  • "Application Consistent" backups of Linux Virtual Machines with pre-freeze and post-thaw scripts
  • Incremental and differential backup (RCT) of Hyper-V.

Complete Solution

Incremental / Differential Backup (CBT/VDDK)

Iperius fully supports VMware Changed Block Tracking (CBT/VDDK) technologies, therefore enabling the incremental and differential backup of ESXi virtual machines and only carried out on the space actually occupied on the disks. This allows users to speed up the process and make the backup procedures more granular, while also reducing the space required. It is compatible with both vCenter and ESXi Free (vSphere Hypervisor).

Iperius can automatically create "Application Consistent" backups even of Linux virtual machines, by quiescing the file system with pre-freeze and post-thaw scripts.


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