The keys to the success of Nifty as an organization are a strong value system and a totally committed work force. The values of the organization have evolved since the day of its founding and are reflected in our philosophy, work culture and day-to-day business practices. We try and act with utmost integrity and are always guided by what is right and ethical.

We believe in competing fairly, yet vigorously.

Being a part of the upcoming IT industry there is a lot of young blood in the organization along with the experienced old-timers providing just the right balance. It is this right mix of new and old values that underscores all our relations with clients, partners and colleagues. Our-people philosophy is aimed at developing a strong team of committed and motivated individuals. We try to work with people to help them develop strong people skills and inculcate a strong sense of team spirit.

We don't believe in the concept of hierarchies or rigid organization structures. Our truly open 'open-house' sessions and open door policies help inculcate a feeling of ownership among the people.

The emphasis is on developing an attitude for working as a team and growing together.

Our objective is for everyone at Nifty to develop a challenging career with ample opportunities for growth, competitive rewards and a balance between work and personal life.

A very aggressive incentives scheme and 'Ownership Program' ensures that 'Little Extra' that distinguishes the best from the rest….

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